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What Causes Migraines and How to Handle It

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What Causes Migraines
What Causes Migraines

What Causes MigrainesFor those who has experienced an intense migraine, will be understand that they are quite painful and can cause a kind of pulsing sensation, even more when it occurs for more than 15 days or more. You probably would say as if migraine should not be too painful since it is only attack one side of the head, yet, everybody have already know how disabling the pain is. Actually, it is common to feel another symptoms, before or during the attack, as accompany the migraine or you more infamous as aura, such as vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to sounds, smells, light, or vision. Of course, it is possible to make them to be less painful, or prevent the migraines by medications, yet, it seems like you need to know the answer of what causes migraines?.

Basically, when it comes to answer the ‘what causes migraines question, you will be needed to consider that the causes of migraine are not yet understood by scientific-based. However, there are association between genetics and environmental factors with the migraine attack, well-explained that the brainstem is happen to change, which also affect the major pain pathway, also known as trigeminal nerve. Due to the imbalances, the serotonin levels will drop, and can lead into incapability to regulate any pain in nervous system. That is why, you will feel the migraine pain. Well, the association of serotonin with migraine is still being studied by the researches.

If breaking any suspect factor which capable to trigger migraines, also to understand more about what causes migraines, there are several factors, including:

  • Foods. Due to infamous statement, ‘you are what you eat’, foods may be a factor which capable to trigger migraines since each food has nutrient content to influence your body. You need to make sure you avoid any triggered-meal such as aged cheese, processed foods, or salty foods. It is also possible that skipping meals can trigger the migraine attacks. Other than that, you also need to avoid any sweetener or preservative monosodium glutamate (MSG) in your foods.
  • StressIt is believed that stress can trigger migraines, both at work or home. Therefore, if you suffer from chronic migraine, make sure to be relax and fit even though your day may be stressful.
  • Sensory stimuliFor some people, anything related to stimuli can cause migraine, such as bright lights, strong smells, sun glare, or even loud sounds. As they are kind of things you cannot avoid at all, it will be better to know the exact trigger, so you can reduce the exposure to make your migraine attack less often.

Although there are no update research to prove what causes migraines, to be exact yet, medication also included into suspect which can cause migraine. Well, even though it is kind of contradictive since medications always have close relation with curing process, right? Yet, it is. Several medications which capable to trigger migraine such as oral contraceptives or vasodilator. Therefore, it will be better to ask your pharmacist to know the appropriate medications for your illness.

If your circadian rhythm has changed, or the changes in your wake-sleep pattern, such as lack in sleeping or getting too much on it, it should be the one to be suspected as trigger. It is also common for those who are in long journey, jet lag, can suffer any migraine. The factors of what causes migraines, can be a longer list, including physical factors such as too much physical training or sexual activity, kind of drinks also can provoke migraine such as alcohol, caffeinated beverages, or else.

Apart from the things to trigger migraine, there are also several risk factor which lead you to have more possibility to have migraine. The list including family history, age also can be risk factor although migraine can attack any age, and also according to the research, women are more likely to have migraine than men. In the other hand, the hormonal changes may influence the migraine attack, such as the day before menstruation. However, once you can consider on what causes migraines on yourself, it is going to be easy to prevent any migraine attacks in the future. You can visit your physician as if your migraine attacks begin to be worse even though you have already has your medications. 

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